General F.A.Q.'s

Q: I have already registered and have an account. So, why do I get the error message "Invalid Username or Password"?
A: On May 1, 2010 we had some technical difficulties and our database was corrupted. If you cannot login to your account, it was probably one of the few accounts that were lost. You cannot reset the password for your account because your account no longer exist in the database. Unfortunately, the only way to correct the problem is to uninstall easyipfinder from you computer, then reinstall it after you have completed a new registration on the website. You can use your old account information but you will need the unique code that is generated by the database (the one e-mailed to you after you register). It is what makes the whole thing work. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Q: What is an IP Address?
A: An IP Address is the numerical value given to your computer by your ISP to resolve your location on the Internet.  See IP Address Explained.
Q: Why would I need to know what my IP Address is?
A:  IP addresses are required for many "Remote Access Software" programs, Internet Security Cameras, Internet Video Gaming, Remote Desktop, Etc.

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